FontVerter is an open source Java library for converting and manipulating various font formats, normalizing invalid fonts and extracting fonts from PDFs. Primarily supports adobe font formats that only really come from PDFs and started as a side module for the Pdf2Dom PDF to HTML converter library. However it does support some other non PDF specific formats. Many older OTF/TTF fonts coming from PDFs also have many issues that cause them to not work in modern browsers so FontVerter also contains some code for fixing invalid old fonts. See the github page for full details and supported font conversions.


NeverGiveUp is a place to connect with other people struggling with the same issues you do. Issues like addiction, depression or weight problems. It allows you to connect in support groups that have their own private chat or one on one with random people all over the world with a tinder-ized like connection system and private messages. NeverGiveUp was built from scratch over the last couple weeks using these awesome technologies: Spring, Thymeleaf, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, AWS S3, JavaScript, WebSockets and love dammit. Blog post with more details on it can be found here.


GfxAssert is an experimental open source Java library containing image and geometric test assert tools and hamcrest matchers.

Poor Man’s Server Alarm

Poor Man’s Server Alarm is a server alarm/alert for your Android phone. Grab it from the Google Play Store now!


Goal-O-Matic is an Android app for task management and a timeboxing/pomodoro timer. Grab it on the play store here now!


Website for free manuals to generate ad revenue, built with Java, Spring, Hibernate, and Amazon S3. And a mediocre web crawler/content scraper that finds the manuals, written in Java.


Hair-O-Matic is an Arduino electrolysis machine [hair removal] with a companion Android app that connects to the Arduino over bluetooth and acts as the UI. Written in C++ and Java.

Inspection Key Binder – IntelliJ Plugin

An Intellij Plugin that allows you to bind keyboard shortcuts to toggle various IntelliJ inspections such as spell check.

Othos Labs

Othos Labs is my &air-quot; company &air-quot; that my various commercial software products are branded under.

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