Poor Man’s Server Alarm for Android Released

Poor Man’s Server Alarm is a server alarm/alert for your Android phone, amazing I know. Grab it from the Google Play Store now!

My proudest part of this app is the lovely graphic I drew myself! Yeah it’s not the greatest but I expected it to come out a lot lot worse 🙂

I got the idea to create it earlier this week while searching for a similar tool on the Play Store to keep on eye on my growing collection of web apps. I only found a couple paid apps with lukewarm reviews and some hideous screenshots. So I did the obvious thing and just decided to just create my own server alarm app instead of handing out a few bones to those scoundrels.

You’d think that apps like these would be free since the people looking for the are likely going to be cheap since they’re trying to have a server alarm setup on their phone instead of a proper external setup that calls their phone or something.

Anyway mines completely free and ad free for the moment being! Here’s the full feature list:

– Customizable interval time between server checks
– Customizable server retry count before the alarm is sounded for a failure
– Customizable length between server retries
– Options for alarm ringtone, ringtone length and vibrate
– Failure status code messages
– Doesn’t sound the alarm if your phone’s internet is down
– It works I swear!
– It’s pretty!
– Free!

And here’s some screenshots:

Thank you for reading! And remember to grab it from the Google Play Store or Amazon’s App Store!

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