NeverGiveUp Alpha Released – A Place to Connect With Other People Struggling with Problems

NeverGiveUp at is a brand new site created to help people struggling with similar issues to connect with each other in groups or one on one. Issues such as addiction, weight problems, depression and other similar things. It’s like the LinkedIn of dealing with the crap life throws at you.

You can join support groups or create your own group that have their own private chat that allows you to connect with many people at once.


It also has a tinder-ized like/dislike connecting system for making one on one connections with random people all over the world with the same problems you have. You can’t directly message someone until you both say you want to talk to each other and images can’t be shared over direct message.


For the one on one connection system you can choose to filter who you see and who can see you by gender, sexual orientation and what problems they have. Also planning on adding a filter by location preference in the near future so you can select to only connect with people near you or only connect with people far far away from you if privacy is a biggie for you.

Privacy is a primary for this site and as such you are not required to provide your gender, orientation or even email when signing up and you do not need to share your real name or location.


This site was built from scratch over the last couple weeks using these awesome technologies: Spring, Thymeleaf, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, AWS S3, JavaScript, WebSockets and love dammit.

Currently I would consider NeverGiveUp to be in a alpha or beta state and some things may be a little raw. But everything works I promise… maybe

To signup you only need to enter your problems, username and a password.


So give it a try! It couldn’t hurt, maybe.

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  1. Ra says: Reply

    I like it

  2. Ra says: Reply

    I like it. How about a worried moms category. Or is that anxiety?

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