Measuring biotin hair growth

I’ve been trimming my own hair for a while now without a catastrophic event but about 2 weeks ago after a few glasses of wine I decided to trim my hair and butchered it more than normal, ughhh.

So I desperately searched around the internet for ways to make hair growth faster. Predictability nothing reasonable came up except biotin supplements which I already had heard about. There’s piles and piles of anecdotal evidence for biotin supplements making hair grow faster but unfortunately there are 0 actual scientific studies out there on whether biotin makes hair grow faster, though there are a couple rather lacking studies on it making nails grow harder,thicker or faster.

The best anecdotal evidence on the internet was before and after a couple weeks pictures from “customers” who bought the pills. I put customers in quotes because it is very likely supplement manufacturer’s pretended to be the customers to boost their sales. There was also some random blogs where they ‘measured’ their hair but their methods of measuring hair seemed a little imprecise, like a person with curly or wavy hair measuring from somewhere on the top of the head to the ends. From personal experience the length of curly or wavy hair changes daily depending on how much the hair has decided to curl that day and also where exactly the tape measure is on top of your head is prone to error.

It’s especially frustrating to find there are no biotin studies when the U.S. government throws billions at NCCIH for wacked out alternative medicine studies but NCCIH couldn’t spare the time and a measly million or two to study the more plausible supplements like biotin.

Because of all that I decided to start taking my own measurements to see if it’s working. Since this is a one person ‘study’ it isn’t scientific at all but maybe my jab at NCCIH will get someone somewhere to get a decent biotin supplement study funded already.

My totally awesome measurement technique is to first flat iron my bangs so they are completely pin straight and then measure the distance from the longest strands in the center part of my bangs to the very tip of my nose 3 separate times. Flat ironing removes any error from differing hair curly-ness and measuring bang ends to nose removes most of the error of keeping a tape measurer next to the scalp at some random position. The best way to measure would be to pull or cut a hair out and straighten it out and measure, but I’m definitely not willing to pull even a few of my hairs out.

First days measurements are:
5.8cm, 6cm and 5.8cm

If/when I update next week I’ll likely switch to a spreadsheet or a pretty chart instead.

Also of note I started biotin just a few days after I cut my hair so likely there has been plenty of time for any necessary build up of biotin in the system for the effects to start working (though it sounds like biotin doesn’t really get stored that well by the body so I doubt a build up of it is necessary). The pills I’m using have 10,000 mcg/10mg of biotin and I’m taking them once daily. I’m planning on continuing biotin for 1-2 months and then I’ll take a week long break and then start measurements without biotin for 1-2 months. It sounds like the average hair growth rate is 1/2″ per month so if my first month’s hair growth goes significantly faster than that I’ll be happy.

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