Made a PDF Compressor Web Tool

Made a fairly simple PDF compressor web tool today between seeing my awful family for thanksgiving. It’s up over at It does most the compression by going over all the images in a PDF and reducing their size and bumping the scale factor for them in the PDF and also reducing the jpeg quality and converting png’s to jpeg (png->jpg won’t actually always be smaller but..) and some other stuff. I had already written the PDF compressor part for my free manuals site to reduce the storage costs of all the 160,000+ very image heavy PDFs it currentley has.

Made it as a simple Spring site with some JavaScript thrown in there. I’m currently considering making a handful of more web tools like this to make an “Othos Labs web tool collection” of some sorts. I’ve noticed some of the lesser online PDF->HTML converters use the Java PDF->HTML library I’ve worked on a bit called Pdf2Dom. Maybe someone like me who actually contributes to the project should make a website using it lol…

Yay I did something today!

(also it has no file size limits or IP limits or any sort of limit hopefully no one exploits this…)
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