Is Milo Yiannopoulos actually helping the LGBT community?

This morning I began pondering what if what Milo Yiannopoulos has been doing is actually helping the LGBT cause and community, contrary to what many of his critics suggest.

For those that don’t know who Milo is, he’s an openly gay and conservative tech writer currently working at Breitbart. He’s been in the news a fair amount recentley and has been a vocal supporter and campaigner for Trump and made an appearance at the RNC for the “Gays for Trump” rally. He also often says things that imply he’s not exactly proud of being gay. Though since he has a flamboyant and open nature I’m leaning towards calling BS on that and he is really just trying to be controversial for attention and/or money.

Milo has been derided as a “gay Uncle Tom” by many writers and commenters. For most including me this was my initial knee jerk reaction to him being a self hating and conservative gay who writes articles about why gay marriage shouldn’t be legal.

But then you realize there’s a bit of difference between Milo and a “gay Uncle Tom”. A real gay Uncle Tom would be someone like former congressman Mark Foley who stayed in the closet while advocating for anti-gay positions while in office. His voice as a gay man was completely silent and Mark Foley’s little scandal made things worse by slightly tarnishing other republicans view of gays.

Milo on the other hand is out and kinda-proud and is very loud and vocal about it. He’s yelling and screaming his head off to get attention for his own articles or to get in the news and that’s helping the LGBT cause. It’s helping because he has massive exposure to all those conservatives that are reading Fox News or Breitbart. That exposure is likely to make conservatives less and less homophobic.

They see Milo this gay person who’s managed to join their straight white people club and agrees with their views and they start thinking something like “hey that gay guy is a little more like me than I thought and I agree with all his opinions, I guess not all gays aren’t too shabby after all”.

So to answer the title question, yes, Milo is helping by making the idea of gays more normal to republicans which bit by bit chips away at homophobia in the right wing side of our country.

This brings up a second question however, Is he pretending to be conservative just for the money, attention or fame? That appears to be a little less clear.

In the red corner we have the he’s really a conservative argument:
#1 His whole charade is very convincing and he’s very consistent at saying things that follow the standard republican line.

#2 How else would he get hired at Breitbart?

#3 In the time before he got famous there is nothing to suggest he was liberal before

And in the blue corner we have the he’s a liberal pretending to be a conservative argument:
#1 In the time before he got famous there is nothing to suggest he was conservative before

#2 If you go on Grindr you’ll notice a lot of gays don’t actually look ‘gay’ like the media stereotypes lead you to believe. Milo just straight up looks gay if he was really a self hating gay wouldn’t he just dress and style his hair like the majority of other gay men who appear ‘straight’ on the surface?

#3 Milo is British and while he’s recently been in the states a lot it appears he still calls the UK home. This makes his quickly decided allegiance to the Republican party rather questionable, he’s an outsider how could he so quickly choose one of the sides of American politics and then champion it from the heart?

So who knows if he really is a true conservative or a Republican but he is definitely at least slightly helping the LGBT cause. Thanks Milo!

Thank you for reading!

[P.S if someone from Breitbart bumps into this article and you need a tranny tech writer who can pretend to be self hating and conservative, I’m available!!!]

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