Made an IntelliJ Plugin That Lets You Bind Keyboard Shortcuts to Toggle Inspections

A couple days ago I was frustrated with IntelliJ for not allowing me to bind a keyboard shortcut to toggle spelling. I don’t like leaving the spelling inspection on all the time since it ends up being way way annoying and distracting. So I asked on stack overflow if anyone knew if it could be done OOTB, nope had to be done with plugin. Sublime lets you do this, why don’t you IntelliJ ;_;?

Today I found the time to sit down and write it and it ended up only taking a couple hours and was fairly painless to write. I added the spell check toggle binding I wanted (defaults to CTRL+K + CTRL+S) and I also added 3 custom inspection toggle keybindings that you can set to any Inspection you want (you might have to dig a tiny to find the inspection tool ID however).

It’s currently awaiting moderation to get in the JetBrains plugin repository but I uploaded the compiled plugin jar here so you can grab it now.

I also put the source code up on a GitHub project here

Thank you for reading!

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