Hair-O-Matic’s New Case

I haven’t written a blog post in a few months but have something slightly interesting to share with you finally, yay.

I’ve recently secured the funding for various Hair-O-Matic upgrades [through nefarious means]. I’m now more lacking in time than money but plan on doing the thermolysis/blend addition soon. Though at this point I could just buy an actual professional electrolysis machine or hire a pro to do it, but that would take all the fun away!

So I did cross off another high todo list item for it which was replacing the old and ugly makeshift case with an actual case. I ordered the new console style case off of mouser for $22 and it looks pretty snappy!

Had to dust off my old tiny hobby drill press in order to drill a few holes through the aluminum front panel which was the most painful part of the job. Took a while searching around for all my clamps to hold it in place and for my cobalt step drill bit which is perfect for drilling little holes in aluminum front panels.

I am planning on printing out some sort of laminated front cover sheet to replace the atrocious hand drawn gold sharpie seen currently so your eyes don’t burn as much.

The power cables also come in through the back now instead of the front which declutters the front for when you’re working by taking two cables out of the old rat’s nest in front. Still needed some electrical tape to hold the power supply down as I don’t know how to cut square holes in aluminum yet which would allow me to mount the power supply to the case’s aluminum back panel instead.

That’s it for now hopefully will post soon with more cool stuff for you.

Thank you for reading!

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