Got banned on Tinder for being transgender

It’s late 2016 and the whole tech world has been championing transgender rights. Yet still after creating a Tinder account just last night I found myself auto banned from being reported too many times. The reporters likely were people who matched with me then actually took a look at my profile which read ‘Trans and proud-ish and freelance software engineer’. While software devs are detested by many I’m fairly certain it was the first part of my profile text that led to my banning by mob.

This problem could likely be solved with some simple changes to the reporting system. If a transgender person gains enough reports instead of auto banning it could go to manual review first where they decide if a ban should happen instead. Though that might lead to spammers and toxic users using the trans option. Could also have it where if a trans user is auto report banned by popular vote the following times they are reported too many times goes to manual review first instead. Also filtering out reports where the user elected an ‘Other’ option and typed in transgender or other trans related phrases might help and would be very simple to implement.

The last resort fix that would mostly definitely solve it is to add a third and fourth transwomen and transman selections to the current Male/Female toggle and make it so user’s have to opt in to seeing trans users in their results. Though this would possibly make trans users feel more excluded and the first option to change the reporting system is much more preferable.

This problem has been loudly complained about in the news and other transgender blogs for years now so it begins to make you wonder whether the Tinder leadership itself is transphobic.

So I guess I’ll have to continue using Grindr as my main mobile dating/validation from men app, where the men are often way way more sleazy but at least you don’t get banned for simply existing as a transgender person.

Cute enough to right swipe often enough but deemed too weird to be treated like a human being!

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    cool story breh

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