Goal-O-Matic for Web Released

Goal-O-Matic is a web app I’ve recently created for task management and pomodoro/timeboxing and can be found at goal-o-matic.com. I had already created a Goal-O-Matic for Android a while back which was more simple and decided I wanted to created a web version of it instead for easy task input from a desktop keyboard. I’m also planning on eventually redoing the android app to integrate with the web version of Goal-O-Matic and also creating an iOS version though I haven’t touched Apple dev in a while.

Features Include:
– Calendar for task due dates
– A REST API (that I still need to add documentation for)
– Pomodoro timer
– Past task activity feed
– Stats page with a pomodoros completed over time chart
– Free and currently advertisement free
– Task lists/projects

Goal-O-Matic for web was made with Java, Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, AWS S3 and love.

And some lovely screenshots to finish:

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