Goal-O-Matic for Android Released! My First (independent) Android app!

Just an hour ago my first [independent] Android app got released on the Google Play Store. You can find it here on the play store.

Goal-O-Matic is a task management and timeboxing/pomodoro timer app. I decided to make this app after shelling out a couple bucks for “Pomodoro Timer Pro” on the app store. While using that app I noticed it app was fairly simple and thought “hey I bet you could make an app like this in just a week or less”. So off I went based on that idea and managed to get Goal-O-Matic up on the store in a little under a week at 6 days. Goal-O-Matic does everything Pomodoro Timer Pro does and a little more and it’s all free! (..until I release my own “pro” version at least)

It’s been a bit since I used the Android SDK/API. I remember it being less clumsy and while using it I had that constant feeling of it being clumsy especially compared to times I’ve worked with iOS, WPF, Swing or Winforms. Don’t have any direct comparison off the top of my head but I’m thinking about making a separate blog post about it later (that will hopefully be a bit more intelligent than this blurb!).

Anyway it’s released wooooo and all that jazz I guess! And here’s some sweet screenshots and the terrible app icon and art I cobbled together myself:






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