4 Crazy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffics

(this post is only being half serious and making slight fun of lists you find like this when Googling ways to increase blog traffic)

I’ve bumped into a few odd tactics to improve blog traffic slightly for your small and newly created blog like this one. So in my first week of this blog I peaked at 174 users/day and am one third the way to paying my first month’s server costs all with just a little elbow grease and the below crazy tactics.

#4 Reply to Automated Sales and Marketing Emails

If you’re like me you get 30 or so automated sales and marketing emails directed to your promotions folders from products and services you tried out that week. A lot of these emails will have a individual email address in the from line. So they have basically given you a free line to a real person’s email that is extremely likely to read a link you send. If you start replying to these emails saying you should read my blog or whatever in a cutesy way they will be likely to go to your blog! Not the greatest amount of traffic but every bit matters for your new blog. And don’t come off too robotic or professional or they will likely think your email is automated or you’re a spammer.

#3 Buy Twitter Friends with Twiends [Just Like a Frat!]

Twiends is a service that allows you to grow your Twitter follower count by connecting you with other people with similar interests. After my first couple days I’ve gotten 9 referrals from Twitter compared to 0 before which is small but pretty decent for your new blog where every new user matters. You should check out this article that details how effective Twiends was for me. I also feel much better about myself now that I have 300 followers vs my previous 13 and they make me feel much less lonley :P.

#2 Use dating apps to plug your blog

I spend a bit of time on Grindr and if there’s that constant stream of guys constantly messaging you that you ignore 90% of the time you may as well try to get them to go to your blog for page views. So in my profile section I included something saying ‘Hey look at my Instagram and read my blog link there too while your at it’, links besides IG are forbidden in Grindr profiles so I had to tell them to go there first. Also I started responding to every single guy who messaged me and after a short polite conversation as long as they were not too sleezy or creepy I would tell them they should read my blog!!!

And amazingly this strategy has worked pretty well so far. I can tell if they came from Grindr since the referral will have Instagram in it or will be direct and they have made up about 1/4th of the traffic! If you’re not part of the LGBT crowd you could use this with Tinder or other dating apps or websites.

#1 Email your old company’s team address

I brought in about 10 new visitors by emailing my old company’s development email address which goes to all developers there who might be interested in some of my programming related posts. Not a huge amount and less then #1 but if you have a recently created blog every little bit counts for getting you to your goal!

Remember there’s no such thing as shame when page views are involved!!

Thank you for reading and good luck on your blog as well!

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